Top 5 free keyloggers

Key loggers are very useful tools when it comes to monitoring the activities of people using a computer. They enable you to exercise parental control or keep an eye on your employees.

The market is filled with all kinds of spy software. The best way to choose one is to first try the free versions of keystroke logging software. For many simple purposes, free keyloggers work just fine. You will not have to opt for paid ones at all. However, you need to be aware about what the free keyloggers do and what they don’t. The following are the features of the top keyloggers that come at no cost. You can directly download these tools from the net and use it with the help of bundled manuals.


1) Spyrix Free Keylogger


This free keylogger software ranks high in popularity. The reason is that some of the features that it renders are not available in many other keyloggers for free.
You can remotely track and log the activities. It is the major advantage of this software over competitors. Along with keystroke logging, the free version of the software allows you to grab screen shots. However, if you want to have a facebook spy or enable other social networking tracking features, you will have to go for the paid version. One drawback of Spyrix free keylogger is that the report generation process is not very easy. This is done keeping in mind the security of the reports. However, for the initial few times it can be annoying and time consuming.
Overall, a recommended free keylogger, especially for parental control and employee monitoring.

spyrix free keylogger


2) Revealer Keylogger


This keystroke logger has paid (Revealer Keylogger Pro) and free (Revealer Keylogger Free) versions, and the free version has very limited capabilities. The free version can record all the keystroke activities. It makes a note of the keyboard activities like text input and password typing. You don’t get the screen capturing functionality without paying. The downside of the free version is that you cannot hide it, which means the person whom you are spying on may see it.
Also, there is no specific support for social media spying or data loss prevention. You will have to explicitly allow this software on your antivirus else it will be treated as a Trojan or spyware. You can use “Revealer Keylogger Free” for parental control if you are confident that your kid will not discover and turn the software off.



3) REFOG Free Keylogger


The makers of this keylogger simply state it in a straight forward manner that this software is meant mainly for parental control. It doesn’t mean you can’t use it for other purposes, but the functionalities are more aligned towards child activity monitoring.
The best feature of this keystroke logger is that it is very simple to use, comparatively. Many parents struggle with spy software because of the complexity that is involved. Unlike all of those, REFOG manages to keep the UI and the operations pretty simple. The problem again is that the free functionalities doesn’t include invisible mode and strong antivirus kits like Norman will quickly recognize this as spyware. So, you will have to appropriately set antivirus preferences. The additional annoyance is the pop up ads that keep getting generated. Having said all these, the primary functionality of recording the keystrokes happens effectively. So, if you can deal with the shortcomings, then REFOG is good for you.




4) Real Free Keylogger


This keystroke logger is among the most popular ones. Like the Spyrix keylogger, this also gives multiple functionalities for no price at all. The stealth mode or the invisible mode can be activated to keep the tracking hidden. You can also access the recorded reports in HTML format. You can exercise password protection or use windows hotkey for viewing the reports. The free version doesn’t just entail normal text recording but also helps in tracking social networking activities. An innovative twist the software makers have given to this product is that it silently captures the name of the window on which the keystokes have occurred.
On the whole, this is a great spy-software which goes past just the parental control usage. You can also use it for employee monitoring, and as a facebook spy.



5) Actual Keylogger


Unlike many of its competitors, this keystroke logging software doesn’t have different free and paid versions. Instead, a limited trial period is given to you on the software. You will get to use the features, but for a stringent time interval, after which you will have to pay and get the software. This is good for people who want to seriously invest in a keylogger and want to have a look at it before paying. The features include keystroke logging, screen capturing, invisible mode operations, password enabled reports and so on.
This software takes the spying to a higher level by tracking activities related to printing, system switch on/off, disk operations, internet connections and internet browsing. So you can actually use it for data loss prevention. You can also get a snapshot of the items on the clipboard. Additionally, the log files are encrypted. However, the GUI is a little complicated since the target audience is mostly professional and well skilled. This is recommended software if you are a professional comp-spy.


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