Best software for children monitoring

With the advent of internet, the size of the world seems to have shrunk. Since the net is a huge mass of knowledge, it proves to be very helpful to the kids. They can learn many new things classes and also be a pro at handling computers which is an essential skill in present times. However, in spite of all its advantages, internet has opened doors to many age inappropriate activities and online children exploitation mediums.
When your kid is ready to use a computer, of course you are happy about the progress but will have to be very aware of what exactly he/she is doing on it. The latest way that many parents adopt is to install children monitoring software and get complete report of all the computer activities done by their kids. At times, there is confusion about which child monitoring software to choose; all of them seem to be good. Here are short descriptions about a few children monitoring software that will help you in making the right decision
1)    Spyrix Personal Monitor

This software comes with whole lot of features; keystroke logging, screen capturing, facebook spy operations, social site tracking, web camera capturing and recording, clipboard controlling, microphone conversation recording, and popular IM tracking to name a few. You can also ban or block selected websites and intercept skype interactions. You can do all this remotely and in an invisible mode. This is a great tool and you can avail 5 day trial period before purchasing it.

Spyrix Personal Monitor

2)    Family Protector

This software is definitely for you if you are a Mac user. The monitoring software has two modes – monitor-only and blocking mode. If you think your kid needs to be just overlooked and not blocked from doing any activities you can use the former mode. Use the latter if you want to go ahead and block websites, certain IM terms, file sharing and conversations. You get to record screen shots and key strokes. Remote access is enabled. The best feature of this software is the ease of usage. The installation and option setting process is fast and simple. But the tool is exclusively for Mac users, so if you have other machines, this monitoring software is of no use to you.


3)    Spytech Spy Agent

Well, this software undoubtedly tops the charts of many software ranking and monitoring tool websites. The reason is its robustness and unbending quality operations. It comes with a bundle of well designed features starting from keylogging to recording to blocking activities to checking the idle time and more. One of the reasons why this software beats its competitors is that though it has all the powerful capturing capabilities, it doesn’t use up all your computer resources. This means that your computer performance and processor speed doesn’t deplete when you install this tool. You can also configure the tools to send you immediate emails when certain activities are done on your computer. The use of this software is not limited to child monitoring alone, many use it for employee activity tracking as well.

4)    Kidlogger

Kidlogger is a free children monitoring software. You can easily download it and set it up in few minutes. However, you cannot expect it to have multiple powerful features like Spytech spy agent or Sprix personal monitor. This is a mellowed down monitoring program. You have limited options like keylogging, screen capturing, microphone recording and clipboard tracking. But the product cannot ban any activity and there is no invisible mode, which means your kid will be able to see the software and perhaps uninstall it also. Having said so, if you are looking for a simple tool to monitor a very young kid who doesn’t really know about tracking software, then this is best for you because you don’t have to pay for it.

5)    Web Watcher

Web watcher has two variants, one for monitoring PC and another for the phone. The software has complete set of activity monitoring functionalities bundled into it. You can operate in stealth mode so as to not alert your kid about the monitoring act. Capturing and blocking capabilities are present in the software. You can also get periodic notifications and instant emails when specific keywords are activated. The downside is the effort you need to spend on configuration and for setting up alert schedules. Owing to the configuration complexity you can opt for this if you want an in-depth activity log. If you just want to monitor your kid in simple terms, you definitely have better choices.

Lastly, consider the age of your kid and its computer knowledge before selecting a monitoring tool. Don’t end up with a tool that is easily detectable by your kid; at the same time don’t get a tool that’s way too complex for your requirements.

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